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Drain Cleaning in Kent by Argyle Drains: The team are serious about drain cleaning and boast the latest equipment and technology to clean your drains. Over the years our reliable team have restored 100s of drain pipes to there near original state.

Argyle Drains provide Drain Cleaning and drain descaling in Kent, we are based in Canterbury with easy access to the M2 motorway this makes us well placed to provide drain cleaning in Kent, including the main towns of Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Margate, Ramsgate, Dover, Maidstone, Ashford & Medway Call Argyle Drains

Why Get Your Drains Cleaned?

Drain Cleaning in Kent can rid your drains of: uric acid, limescale, and debris. Often we are called out to drains that have not been cleaned in years, by using the correct tools even the most neglected of drains can be cleaned and restored.

Uric acid build ups are a common problem and are one of the main reasons for drain cleaning in Kent. This build up attracts foreign body’s, which in turn become stuck to the rough surface causing blocked drains in Kent.

Our drain cleaning machines can tackle even the largest build ups of drain scale. The gradual build up of scale can also interfere with the “fall of the water” this means that build ups in critical areas of the drain prevent water from draining. For effective drain descaling in Kent get in touch.

Sink, Bath, Shower or Drains not emptying?

Effective Drain Cleaning is the answer

High Powered Drain Jetting in Kent

Our state of the art drain jetting system is a powerful drain cleaning tool and is suitable for use in clay pipes, cast iron pipes, pitch fibre pipes, and plastic pipes. The drain Jetting tool is best used in main domestic and commercial drains, this tool provides highly effective drain cleaning in Kent.

Drain Jetting in Kent, How Does It Work?

A member of the team will feed a pipe into the drain that requires cleaning, water is then forced through the pipe at high pressure up to 4000psi a specialist rotary drain cleaning nozzle then transforms the water into what can only be described as a laser jet.

The powerful jets of water strip the drain walls of any deposits or build-ups, including Limescale, Uric Acid, Grease and Fat because of the rotary or spinning effect of the nozel a 360-degree drain clean is achieved.

State of The Art Equipment

The drain Jetting equipment used by Argyle Drains is state of the art and can cope with even the largest of drain cleaning projects, our drain jetting hose extends over 100 metres. When it comes to hard to reach drain pipes the team use our mini hose.

The Team provide drain jetting across Kent, our area of coverage includes Canterbury, Thanet, Dover, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Faversham, Ashford and The Medway Towns.

Electro-Mechanical Drain Cleaning

This system has the capability to clean drain pipes in tight spaces and is incredibly effective at doing so, it can clean pipes as small as an inch and a quarter in diameter.

This makes Electro Mechanical Drain Cleaning perfect for some of the smaller pipes that are prone to clogging in the home including toilet pipes, sink pipes, and shower drains.

It will however still clean cast iron pipes and is capable of removing tree roots that have penetrated drains.

When we cant use our drain jetting system due to restricted access Electro Mechanical drain cleaning provides an equal solution which enables us to clean pipes in the hardest to reach areas, including under floor boards.

How Does it Work?

Our specialist mechanical drain cleaning machine feeds a cable into the pipe, a drain cleaning claw is fitted at the end, when operating the cable rotates and the claw strips any deposits or build-ups from the lining of the pipe and descales the drain.

It can be operated forwards or backwards meaning no area escapes untouched.

What can Electro Mechanical drain cleaning clear? This versatile drain cleaning system can clean deposits of uric acid, fat, grease, roots and any other build up.

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With offices in both Canterbury and Margate, we cover the Kent area in general including the principal towns of Thanet, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Dover, Folkestone, Ashford, Faversham, Sittingbourne and beyond.

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